Emissions Plan another Kick in the Guts for Farmers

Another kick in the guts for farmers, which threatens the future of farming in the South – that’s how Invercargill MP Penny Simmonds has described the Government’s farm emissions plan.

“I’m deeply concerned at the implications of the Government’s proposals, which will effectively price farming off the market for a large number of people within the sector and risk leaving our rural communities in despair.

“Yes, there has to be change, but let’s not forget that our farmers are already the most carbon efficient in the world and nowhere else in the world is imposing a carbon tax on their agricultural sector.

“These proposals, will see one-fifth of our sheep and beef farmers gone by 2030, along with a five percent reduction in the dairy sector, which would send production and jobs offshore to less efficient farms, therefore raising global emissions. It’s a lose-lose situation which undermines everything that our farmers are already doing to lower their emissions.

“The only way forward is an industry-led solution based on available science and technology, not regulations imposed by a Government and its bureaucrats who think they can run the rural sector from their offices in Wellington. 

“National supports New Zealand's emissions targets, including reaching carbon net zero by 2050. We acknowledge that New Zealand needs to cut its overall carbon emissions and reduce agriculture